When There’s No Heartbeat

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Miscarriage and pregnancy loss is a topic that has slowly begun to become less “taboo.” For ages this has been a secret that women carried, unable to share with others their suffering and seek healing because of the associated stigma. I believe this is because of archaic throwbacks to times when everything that went wrong with a pregnancy was the woman’s fault, therefore making miscarriage a shameful event. I believe we are finally coming out of the dark ages, and it’s about time!

Many people who have known me for a while know that my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. But only a few know that I have had two losses. During the most recent one, I poured my healing into my keyboard. I knew that my own recovery was going to be dependent upon my efforts to help other women heal. The results of this writing, and more than a few tears, has become my short e-book No Heartbeat: Coming to Terms With and Healing From Miscarriage.


With October being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month I thought it would be appropriate to release my book as this month comes to a close. My desire would be to give this book away on a permanent basis, however Amazon won’t let me offer my book for free forever (probably because they want to make money – go figure!). It is available for FREE to everyone now through Friday, so please share it with anyone you think may find it helpful. After the promotion period is over it will still be “free” to those with a Kindle Unlimited membership, and it is part of the Kindle lending library with Prime so it can be borrowed for free to Prime members.

It’s my hope that my experiences can offer hope and peace to other hurting women. Together we can bring miscarriage out of the dark and promote health and healing for all impacted by this painful event.

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