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Much of what holds us back in life is, well, us. Bad habits, persistent negative thoughts, false beliefs about ourselves or about life that were formed when we were very young, low self-esteem, etc. that are embedded deep in our subconscious where they are difficult to get to. There are ways to change these things through dedicated practice, positive affirmations said over and over again for years, or even professional psychological therapy. These methods work. But they take a lot of time and patience.

But what if there were an easier way? What if you could reduce the time it takes to mend these broken behaviors and beliefs from years down to months? Even weeks? Even days! And what if it was also FREE?

I believe there is. Are you aware that you have hours of untapped personal growth time every day that you are probably not using? During the commute? Nope. Time wasted watching TV? No, not there either. It’s while you are sleeping!

I’m talking about the practice of lucid dreaming, the term for when you are dreaming and recognize that you are dreaming. When you harness this ability, you can do literally anything you want. Fly. Hobnob with celebrities. Or you can do something more relevant…reach right out to your subconscious and heal self-defeating behaviors – or further improve good ones – all while you’re doing something you were going to be doing anyway (hopefully). Sleeping!

What do you want to do? Improve self-confidence? Lose weight? Improve your sports techniques? Feel more peaceful? Motivate yourself to eat healthy? Explore your own psyche? Lucid dreaming can be a key part of achieving your goals by asking your subconscious for what you want.

Charlie Morley, author of Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams, says, “Through lucid dreaming we become conscious within the unconscious. This opens up the possibility of directly communicating with our own divine potential, and witnessing just how limitless we actually are.”

As a long time lucid dreamer turned teacher, Charlie has seen incredible life-changing results from his students. One student cured his nicotine addiction overnight. Others have found their life’s work calling and found healing from old hurts. Physical healing is also possible, as Charlie himself cured his vision problems with lucid dreaming.

This book is an excellent guide to learning how to lucid dream by first going over triggers on how to recognize you are dreaming, how to stay lucid or stay dreaming once you become conscious within the dream, and even how to go into your dreaming state already lucid. With his “toolbox” techniques you will be equipped for a new adventure that will make you look forward to going to bed every night.

In addition to learning the basics, Charlie also gives some fascinating insight into the practice of lucid dreaming around the world in various cultures. He also advises on “eating yourself lucid” with certain herbs and dietary changes or supplementation that aid lucid dreaming.

While lucid dreaming does take practice (I’ve been working on it for a few months now) it is well worth the effort. Not only is it incredible to experience the most realistic “virtual reality” of all time, I have had some significant results from just a few lucid dreams. Recently I had the two most productive lucid dreams yet. Both dreams were similar in nature, but what made them so effective was that I got lucid and I stayed lucid long enough to achieve my intention, which was to implant my affirmation into my subconscious.

Once I was “awake” within the dream, I began to say my positive affirmation to every person in my dream. (Each dream actor is a projection of your subconscious, so anything you say to them is communicating to your subconscious.) As I did so, every last one of them smiled at me and nodded, as though saying “I got it!” or “You’re right.” Or “I agree with you.”

Ever since then I have had a noticeable boost in my self-confidence and a significant reduction in useless worrying, which are directly related to the affirmation that I asked my subconscious to embrace. There was no other influence between then and now to explain my sudden burst in self-assurance. It is truly amazing and I can’t wait to get another shot to implant some more life-altering suggestions!

I highly recommend reading Charlie’s book if you are at all interested in exploring this method of personal development. It’s an easy, relatively short read and will give you all the tools you need to get started. His “hand check” technique has worked like a charm for me and I’ll bet it will for you too! (Curious about what that is? Read the book!)

What do you have to lose? You’re going to be sleeping one way or the other. You may as well make the most of it!

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