The First Class Mindset Part II: Worthiness

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This is the second part of the First Class Mindset series. Be sure to check out Part I: Love!

Once you have come to love yourself – or at the very least like yourself – you come to realize that you deserve the best. You will stop selling yourself short and realize that you do not need this negative, angry person in your life. You will fire the landscaper/dry cleaner/mechanic who repeatedly ignores your instructions or overcharges you for less than stellar work. You will seek out those who provide the quality services, relationships and partnerships you deserve.

This may mean you have to lose some friends. This may mean that you need to re-evaluate the romantic relationship you are in. Far too many good people are dragged down for years, even decades, by allowing themselves to be mistreated by their significant other. This may mean you need to have a heart to heart with your other half. It may mean you need to end the relationship entirely. Whether it needs to go that far is up to you – only you can make the choice.

Many people feel guilty seeking the best for themselves. This again goes back to not loving yourself. If you can at least like yourself and respect yourself, you will understand the need for quality and will agree that you do, in fact, deserve it. When you treat yourself well, it spreads to others who will in turn treat themselves with the same respect. You can become a role model – even a leader to others.

Imagine what it would do to the world if everyone suddenly began respecting themselves and acting accordingly. Think of all the problems that would disappear overnight. People who love and respect themselves do not harm their bodies and have no interest in doing harm to others. They find no joy in bullying, disrespecting or otherwise mistreating those they come into contact with. Love breeds love, and respect begets respect.

Part of knowing you deserve the best is honoring that right in others. Every major religion on earth has some form of the golden rule. But if everyone honored themselves we wouldn’t need admonishment to do unto others as we would have done unto us. It would come out naturally. Providing poor service or sub-par products brings shame upon the first class person who loves and respects themselves. They know they deserve better and by extension that others deserve better. This encourages an environment of quality, self-respect, and joy in work and play.

As Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world. You can start today to honor your worthiness for better and be an inspiration to those around you!

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