One Thought to Rule Them All

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Here at Everyday First Class I harp a lot on what you’re thinking – the “inner” First Class part. I do this because all of the evidence supports a mind/body connection and a mind/life connection…that your thoughts – directly or indirectly – are creating your life experiences. If you’re wondering why your life is great – or not so great – the first thing you should examine is what’s going on with your thoughts.

With this in mind (pun intended) I have a question for you. It’s a very powerful question. But first I want you to stop and consider what the predominant thought is in your mind on a daily basis. Is it motivating, inspiring or joyful? Or is it fear? Worry? Busy thoughts about what little things you’re going to do next to check off your to-do list? Thoughts of how frustrated you are with a job, family or living situation? Thoughts of why you are inadequate, fat, ugly, a failure, etc?

Now that you are conscious of what that is, consider the impact of this on your life. Do you constantly end up with more things to worry about? More tasks to add to your to do list? More reasons to be frustrated? Do you end up messing up more tasks, seeing more pounds on the scale and more wrinkles on your face? Now let me ask you…

What is the one thought that if you thought it all day long would eventually change your life?

We know that repetition is important for memory. You don’t need to drill yourself on the Spanish word for hello if you already know it, but you probably had to hear it a few times before it became part of your known vocabulary. This is the same reason companies will run the same ad over and over again. Do you need to scratch your head and think hard about which company continually offers to save you 15% on car insurance?

It’s like that with thoughts about ourselves too. Once you hear “You’re stupid” enough times you begin to think it, and then you begin to BE it. The good news is that it’s the same way with positive statements too. In fact, there’s evidence to show that positive statements are MORE powerful than negative statements. That’s why any time you develop an affirmation or a mantra, it should always be stated in the positive (I am smart versus I am not stupid).

In the past, I was one of those people who could stumble on air, fall up the stairs and choke on their own spit. I decided I didn’t like this characteristic and set about correcting it by affirming to myself regularly I AM MORE GRACEFUL TODAY THAN I WAS YESTERDAY. Slowly but surely, I am maintaining my footing more easily and dropping things less often. I’m ok with not being perfect because I am always seeing improvement.

While this is a relatively minor example, I feel that it’s important because it shows that you can start small and make little adjustments to your life that make big changes over time. You don’t have to start out with a mantra that you’re the master of the universe (although if you want to, go right ahead!).

Now let me ask you again – because everyone’s answer will be different – what is the one thought that would change your life?

I am in control of my life.

I am powerful.

I am a confident, capable person.

I am here for a purpose.

I am a careful and conscientious money manager.

I love myself.

Think back to your dominant thought. Is it serving you? Is it making your life better? Is it bringing joy and fulfillment to your daily life? Is it building a better future for you? If not, think again. Just think better this time!


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  • Michele Cammarata

    The power of metacognition can be a grand tool! I’m thinking about thinking. The thought that often invades my brain space is: I am living my life as me, strong, happy and knowing that I can make a difference.

    • J. Belle Ortega

      I’m thinking about thinking too! I love it, Michele. Keep doing what you do!

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