Knocked Down…Again

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My house used to be a household of pretty much non-stop health. Illnesses were rare and sick visits to the doctor were almost unheard of.

Then my toddler started going to once a week preschool last fall, also known as a germ petri dish. Within a month he had his first cold, and the following months have been one virus after another. It’s been hard on us as parents, as we hate to see him so miserable, and it’s hard on us because when the little guy isn’t happy…you know how it goes. No one gets any rest.

When you are new at something (like being alive!) you will get knocked down a lot. First we fall again and again trying to walk, then we get bug after bug for a few years, then we learn about life through a variety of emotional and physical setbacks.

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean that we stop having challenges. But just like all my son’s little viruses, there is a purpose behind them. He is developing a strong immune system. With every bug he fights off he gets stronger, and that same virus will not be able to knock him down again. When we are knocked off our feet by a difficult person, situation or even our own naysaying minds, this is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves. After all, a muscle doesn’t get stronger unless it gets torn up a little bit with a heavier than usual load. Our mental and emotional selves are the same way.

I won’t sugar coat it. Sometimes it really sucks. But just like that baby learning to walk, we should fall down but not stay down.


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  • valerie french

    all so true – been there done that many times over the years – but as a senior person now – I have built up a strong system and with a few good health choices am doing quite well as far as ‘catching’ the latest bug going around. have not had the flue in years P T L…..praying for little Will and his momma and daddy \o/\o/

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