How to Raise Your Vibration in 40 Seconds

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“Well, this day sucks.”

“I never should have gotten out of bed.”

“This day just keeps getting better and better.” (Heavy on the sarcasm!)

Most of the time when we have a bad day, it’s because we feed that negative energy with low vibration emotions. Fear, anger, frustration…these are just a few of the negative vibes we throw at a “bad day” which turn it into an even bigger mess. In order to avoid this chain reaction, we need to raise our vibration. The best way to do it that I know of is to replace those low vibration emotions with high vibration emotions: love, peacefulness, hope, joy and thankfulness to name a few.

A few months ago when my son was sick I was in desperate need of a vibrational boost. I could feel myself beginning to spiral down into the dark place of helplessness and fear. Something had to be done. I sat down at my laptop and prayed for some inspiration.

Part affirmation, part gratitude, the resulting poem which I also view as a prayer has become part of my daily morning ritual. These verses never fail to help put me in a better emotional state no matter what. In the 40 seconds that it takes to read it (I strongly recommend reading it aloud), you can start turning your day around. I hope that you find these words a blessing; feel free to add them to your life on a daily basis and see if you can ward off a “bad day” in less than a minute.

The Abundant Life

My life is filled with radiant good health
Blessings abundant and endless wealth
My family prospers, my joy overflows
Because energy flows where attention goes.

My mind is a spring; I have boundless creativity
Success is easy; I have effortless productivity
I am helping others I have never met
And blessing their lives with purposeful intent.

Thank you, thank you for showing me how
My world is abundantly blessed right now!
Let my gratitude pour forth like a fountain
Let my immovable faith move a mountain.

I have only love, goodbye to fear
My life gets better year after year
Because thoughts held in mind
Produce after their kind.


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  • valerie french

    Sweet – love it – positive is good – thank you for uplifting my spirits \o/\o/

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