A First Class YouTube PREMIER!

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Have you ever been excited, terrified, exhilarated and petrified all at the same time?

“This was a great idea two minutes agoooooooo!”

That’s how I feel right now – my YouTube premier is TOMORROW at 1:30pm EST. In this short video, I will explain what my newly re-launched channel is all about. You can watch it with me LIVE and chat with me and other viewers before, during and after the live stream. I hope you will join me and let me know what you think!

The premier page is up now HERE!

Once the premier is over it will revert to a regular video. It will also be listed as the featured video when you go to my YouTube channel’s page.

What do YOU think? Will you watch the premier with me? I will be uploading videos weekly after the premier – please let me know what day of the week YOU would like to see the new videos, and what topics YOU would like me to cover! I will only be successful if I am delivering content that is relevant, helpful and actionable for YOU!

See you there!

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