A First Class Update

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Happy Thursday, First Class Friends! I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Everyday First Class.

The last year has taken me through many changes personally and professionally. As a result of this, I’ve achieved new clarity of purpose and am better able to articulate what I hope to achieve with this platform. Therefore, changes are afoot! Part of this refined vision includes a de-emphasis on blogging (although this blog will NOT be going away – no worries there – just scaled back) and an increased effort on visual communication. The primary method for this will be the focused re-launch of the Everyday First Class YouTube channel.

I am currently in the throws of video creation and editing and will begin posting one new weekly video beginning next week. I’m excited about taking this new direction, and I hope you are too! I believe I will be able to be of more service to more people through this delivery method. My channel will cover product and service reviews, how to recognize quality, and cultivating a mindset of first class abundance. Please visit my channel here and hit the red “Subscribe” button, then the little notification bell so YouTube can let you know when I’ve uploaded a new video.

Also in the works is THE Everyday First Class book – the handbook for creating the first class life of your dreams. I currently plan to complete that project early next year, as well as my first e-course which will be partially based on my research that went into creating my book Happy NOW! My goal is to provide you with as much useful, actionable information as possible to start living YOUR abundant life now, right where you are.

Thank you for moving forward with me, and I wish the most abundant, first class blessings to you today and every day!

What do you think about this change? What topics would you like me to cover in my videos?

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  • valerie french

    Good morning – just getting around to reading all this – your on the move and in all the right directions!! What ever we can do to help others – especially those struggeling with issues of life- all is good!! Sometimes just a little ‘love’ in word or deed is all they need. Go for it – embrace it and let your heart be your guide!! \o/\o/

    • Joanna Ortega

      I’m looking forward to making a difference! Thank you for being here with me!

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