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Play it Again, Frank


Frank Barton, stock broker and con man, thinks he’s ending it all when he hangs himself after the stock market crash of 1929. But his guardian angel, Anna, has other plans. Frank is offered a second chance at life, but only if his ghost can snag another human body at the exact time they die by suicide themselves.

Almost ninety years later, Frank gets his chance with the life and death of Marshall Wallace, investment manager and owner of Midas Touch Investments. But as Frank assumes Marshall’s life he discovers that Marshall had good reason for choosing the nuclear option. The disaster that awaits him is worse than Frank could imagine.

Faced with a nightmare at home and at work, Frank must now make amends for the wrongs of two lifetimes, and the clock is ticking. With a little angelic help, will he fix Marshall’s mistakes in time or will he spend his second chance paying for the sins of the past?


With up to 25% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage, why are so many women suffering alone? The author, who experienced two losses of her own, takes the reader through the gamut of emotions and physical experiences brought on by miscarriage and offers hope and healing for the hurting. This book is designed to help women heal from miscarriage, specifically for those who lost their pregnancies in the first trimester due to unknown causes.


Am I happy? This may be the most important question we ever ask ourselves. People seek desperately for happiness, trying everything from an excess of pleasure to extremes of self-denial attempting to achieve this elusive internal quality known as happiness. Most of us fall somewhere in between those two polar opposites and attain some level of happiness in our lives. But just like everything else, in a way that is so very human, no matter how happy we are, we want more of it.

There are big things we can do to improve our happiness. We can marry the right person for us and we can pursue a career in a field that is perfectly aligned with our strengths and our bliss. But what if we already have those things? What if we don’t know what those things are for us and we are still searching? What if we do know what they are and we are building toward them? Are we stuck? Or is there a way to become happier right now?

Happy Now: 53 Ways to Increase Your Happiness Today offers simple day-to-day actions you can take to be happier on a daily basis. Not everyone can waive a magic wand and produce the big happiness factors in their lives, but we all can do small things each and every day to take the happiness we’ve already got and elevate it to the next level.

Don’t wait – happiness is for now!