Easter for Non-Believers

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It’s Easter Sunday!

No matter how “non-churched” you are, most people know the story of Easter. Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was buried on Friday. On Sunday morning, the women who came to attend to his body found his tomb empty because he had risen from the dead. The Resurrection is what Christians around the world celebrate today!

But what if you are not a Christian? What if you are not a believer? Does Easter have nothing to offer you other than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps?

I say no – the message of Easter is for everyone. While there are a variety of beliefs on what exactly happened and what the meaning was behind the events, three things always hold true: there was a time of great suffering and sorrow, then a period of waiting, then the glory of resurrection to new life.

My first marriage was a time of suffering. Like Jesus, I asked God why he had forsaken me. When I left that marriage there was a time of waiting, wondering and attempting to figure out who I was apart from a dominating man. Finally, as I drew strength from faith, family and incredible friends, I had my own personal resurrection and entered my new life.

You may have a similar personal Easter story. Most of ours take longer than three days, but we are also not Jesus Christ. It’s ok for it to take longer! In fact, it may take a lifetime. Or we may have this experience in different ways time and time and again through our lives. But anyone, believer or non-believer, can have faith that our time of suffering will end, we will endure our period of transition and waiting, and our resurrected new life is there for us at the end.

Maybe you are in your time of suffering now. Endure to the end. Know that in your hardship the seeds of transformation are being planted. Breathe, and cherish the moments of peace as they come.

Maybe you are in your transitional period and feel lost in your waiting. Patience is often easier said than implemented, but use this time to develop your insight and get in touch with your inner self. All the wisdom you need is already within you; use this time to tap into that gift.

Maybe you are in your resurrection period and are basking in the glory! If so, let your light shine! Be your transformation and allow the radiance of that experience to light the path for others. This is your time!

No matter which phase you are in and no matter what you believe, we can all celebrate the promise of Easter. May the light of love and the peace of hope be with you today!


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