Connectedly Disconnected

 In Inner First Class, Outer First Class

Cell phone etiquette (and cell phone addiction) may seem a foreign concept to those of us who didn’t grow up with a phone in our hand. But more and more of us are becoming slaves to our cellular masters, often at the expense of relationships, work and plain old manners.

In a study by Harvard Business School of 1,600 professionals, 70% reported that they check their smart phones within an hour of waking up and 44% say they would experience “a great deal” of anxiety if they were without their phones for a week.* (A week?! I would get twitchy being without mine for a day!)

So what are we to do with these devices that these days are practically a necessity? Where do we draw the line? In today’s video blog a share a few thoughts about cell phones, etiquette and how being always connected has resulted in being disconnected almost entirely.




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