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Do you ever avoid the news because it’s nothing but one depressing story after another? Don’t want to start your day with war, murder and corruption? You’re not alone. More and more people are unplugging the news for their own personal mental health and well-being. The constant negativity supplied by most news programming would make it tough for Norman Vincent Peale to keep up positive thinking.

Fortunately, there is an alternative!

The Good News Network has been supplying coverage of positive news stories since 1997. As they say on their website’s “About” page, “good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is.” For support for this claim, they cite the 42% plummet of nationwide homicide in the 1990’s and yet the reporting of homicides increased by 700%.

With journalism like that it’s no wonder that people believe the world is going to heck. If you only hear about the bad, you will undoubtedly become pessimistic and depressed. Far too many news outlets have succumbed to the adage that “if it bleeds, it leads” and only report things that incite train-wreck style sick fascination or plain old fashioned fear mongering.

Thank goodness we can rely on the Good News Network to bring us story after story of humans serving humans, increases in personal or global prosperity, positive health breakthroughs and more. No blood running in the streets here. On GNN they are practically paved with gold!

I love getting my daily dose of feel-good on their website or Facebook page. Check them out and you just might get your faith in humanity restored.

For 18 years of shining light in the darkness, the Good News Network is July’s Class Act!

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