Nine Vision Board Methods to Rock 2019

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It’s that time of year again! Every self-help guru starts pummeling you with their tactics for resolutions, vision boards, goal setting, etc. for the start of a new year. I’ll admit it – I love that stuff. I’ll read them all and I take a little bit from everyone. But what it comes down to is figuring out what works for you and sticking to it, then tweaking it whenever necessary.

I’m a big believer in vision boards. Our brains think in pictures, so it makes sense to motivate ourselves with pictures.  This is the one I created last December. It helped to catapult me into one of the most transformational years of my life. This board is very different than the ones I’ve created in years past. I realized that while indeed I wanted physical things, it was never going to happen unless I made a real shift in who I was inside.

2018’s Vision Board: My launching pad for for a year of transformation.

The main focus of my board – the image in the center – is one of ideas. If I am overflowing with ideas, it will generate the income to have some of the stuff. The board is anchored on the sides with images of things I wanted to feel: peace, freedom, success and confidence. I wanted more physical health so I included images of healthy food. I didn’t want to limit myself so I added the words “This or something better!” It is interesting how these different ideas manifested themselves through my year, even down to the most amazing salmon I’ve ever eaten in my life!

Ready to make your own? Here are nine vision board ideas, tactics and methods that you may want to implement as you begin creating the year of your dreams for 2019.

1.Forget what you want, focus on who you want to become. I used to put pictures of stuff on my vision board, then was disappointed when I didn’t get it. Eventually I realized that the person I currently was is not the kind of person who has those things. When I modeled my vision board after who and what I wanted to BE, the change in my life was epic. My board still includes some “stuff” but mostly it’s about the kind of person I want to be and how I want to feel. If you are putting stuff on your vision board and are disappointed every year, this is why. Don’t put all your focus on the dream home, dream job, dream mate, etc. Focus on becoming the kind of person who has that in their lives. If you do not do this, none of these other tips will matter. You will only achieve as much as you first have within.

Hey Google? Who’s awesome?

2.Create a google search for what you want, then replace the links/images with your own. Example: If you are moving toward having a successful restaurant, Google your restaurant name and print out the top search results. Using a photo editor, change the titles of the links to 5-star reviews from food critics or news articles lauding your success. Or if you are improving your communication skills, try searching for “World’s Best Communicator” and then replace the images with photos of yourself. I included this in my notebook that I carry around with me.

3.Include the words thank you. Gratitude is a huge part of bringing more things into your life to be grateful for. Not only that, studies repeatedly show that daily gratitude practice increases your happiness, no goal achievement required. Even better: create a gratitude journal and keep a picture of your vision board in it.

Hmmm, looks like I’m incredibly successful.

4.What do you want to see when you look out your window? Do you want to live above a quaint street? Near a forest? Do you wish you saw mountains instead of your neighbor’s neglected back yard? Add those images to your vision board. Make it a first-person viewpoint and maybe even add a window frame to the image so it literally looks like you are gazing out of your window.

5.Once you have all of your images, cycle through them on your computer wallpaper. This is especially important if you are often on a computer that is in a different location than your vision board. Keep those pictures and words in front of your face all day long.

Ahh, my 75th time today visiting Fiji!

6.Set one of the images as your phone’s background. You can get your boost every time you pick up your phone (which is a LOT – 80 or more times a day!)

7.Take a photo of your board so you can have it with you all the time. Look at it while you’re standing in line, waiting for a meeting to start or taking a coffee break. It will help remind you of your goals, and looking at images that are pleasing to you will boost your mood!

8.You are never going to manifest more in your life than you believe you are capable of having. If you struggle with limiting beliefs, try including my phrase “This or something better” or include the words “I am worthy” or “I am capable.” You must re-program yourself to undo a harmful belief of lack or unworthiness, and it starts with the words you use.

This does the trick every time!

9.Use a genie lamp. On my board this is the light bulb head, but you could literally use a picture of a genie lamp or any other image that signifies to your mind ideas, wishes being granted, success, agreement, etc. Even a large “Yes!” or smiley face could work. I secured the image to my board only by the top so it flips up. I would write on a sticky note anything I needed an idea about, for example, “Write a best-selling book” or “Best way to communicate with my son.” (Even better: draw or include a picture). I’d stick my request to the board and lay the light bulb image back over it like it’s an incubator and let my subconscious mind go to work on the details for achieving whatever I needed. It’s a good little ritual to help communicate with your subconscious mind and let it know exactly what you are looking for in the short-term.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You become what you think about all day long.” Keep that in mind as you create your vision board. Let the images you choose become the dominant thought pictures you maintain all day long, and you will not fail to become something greater this year.

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