5 Things – A Birthday Exercise

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Today is my birthday! I am 39 years old today. This morning I am physically and mentally exhausted from a toddler who is, apparently, on a sleep strike and/or thinks sleeping is for babies. I perked myself up with a little caffeine and decided to do an exercise to help me smile and feel thankful and excited instead of foggy and longing for the hours of sleep I’ve missed over the past several weeks.

It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to play along with this exercise. Just think about the past year and list five things you’re thankful for and five things you’re looking forward to over the next year. It really does help put things into focus, no matter how much sleep you got or missed last night.


5 Things I’m Thankful For From the Past Year:

Watching my son’s personality emerge as he went from being a baby to becoming a toddler.

The opportunity to both develop my skills and give back by serving as a leader in my Toastmaster’s club.

Learning how to use the in-between moments to complete important tasks.

Writing and publishing two books and knowing that they are enhancing the lives of others.

Having a husband who is supportive, loving and a fantastic handyman who can fix or build just about anything.


5 Things I’m Looking Forward to Over the Next Year:

Helping my son develop his skills and unique talents, and learning more about him.

The challenge of being my Toastmasters club president and being a good leader for the members.

Having more moments to get my head and my body closer to where I want them as my son becomes more independent.

Writing and publishing more fiction and non-fiction books that uplift, inspire and empower.

Cultivating new friendships and nourishing old ones.


I’d love to hear a few of your thanks and goals – share them in the comments below!



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