10 Ways to Express Appreciation That Cost Nothing

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Hugs are free, too!

We may have transitioned into the Christmas season, but I am still in the spirit of Thanksgiving! So many of us feel over worked and underappreciated, but here’s the good news: you can express appreciation for someone without spending a single cent. Gifts and flowers are wonderful, but the following completely free ways to say thank you or otherwise show someone that you love having them in your life will stay with them long after the flowers have faded.


  • Write an email telling them all the things you love about them. Upgrade: write it out in a card instead.
  • Tag them in a social media post, publicly thanking them.
  • If they sell a product or service, leave a nice and honest review. Upgrade: share that review on social media.
  • Make a video telling them what they mean to you. Upgrade: add music and visual effects.
  • Offer to wash their car, clean their house and/or babysit if they have children.
  • Create a work of art or write a poem for them. Upgrade: frame it.
  • Say nice things about them behind their back. Let it get around. Did someone else say something positive about them? Share it with them!
  • Ask them for their advice on something. Let them know you value their opinion.
  • Point out something specific that they do well. Upgrade: ask if they will teach you their secret!
  • Have they shared a struggle with you? Ask them how things are going a few days or weeks later. Being remembered means so much!


Don’t just say it – show it!

In many ways “thank you” has been de-valued to the point it hardly means anything anymore. Don’t just say thank you, show your gratitude by taking an extra step. We can create a more positive and productive world simply by appreciating each other more! Any why not do it – it’s free, and there’s a bonus in it for you: expressing gratitude is strongly associated with happiness. This is truly win-win. Don’t hold back – show someone a little (or a lot) of appreciation!

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