The Simple Answer to How To Get Something Better

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When it comes to life improvement, there appears to me to be two types of mindsets. The first is The Settler and the second is The Striver.

The Settler

“I could be creating that new app I had an idea for, but…this show is really good.”

The settler says, “Life isn’t so bad, so I’m just going to be satisfied with what I have and not try to improve anything. It’s too much work, and it probably won’t happen anyway. I’ll just end up wasting time and effort.” The Settler tends to believe that no amount of effort on their part will make them happier, improve their quality of life or raise their standard of living. Or, if it would, the effort required would not equal they payoff.

If they have dreams of something more, they never materialize because The Settler is unwilling to make any changes or take any action toward them. They let fear, doubt and worry eat their dreams until the life they have is all they can see and they become good with that. After all, life is okay. If you’re a Settler, that’s okay too. Blessings to you and may your life be filled with peace!

The Striver

The Striver, on the other hand, knows there is something more out there for them. It’s not that they are not thankful for the good things in their life. On the contrary, they are so grateful that they desire more things to be grateful for. They know that the more blessings flow into their life the more they are able to, in turn, bless others. They are happy, but not satisfied. They have a passion, a dream, a burning desire to make something more of their lives than what they currently have.

“There is something more out there for me. I will keep trying, even if it means a lot of failing, too.”

There are different ways that The Striver approaches these feelings. They may put on their sneakers and start pounding the pavement. Or they may be sitting back, struggling, trying to figure out how to make this happen. A Striver may have started and failed at many businesses or they may be (finally) experiencing great success. They may be somewhere in between those two situations. The common denominator is that The Striver always knows there is more; no matter what level of success they achieve, their soul wants more. More success, more love, more faith, more service to others, more peace, more abundance. If you have the mindset of The Striver but are struggling, this blog is for you.

This is not about how to find your passion. If you don’t already know what that is, there are a great many resources out there to help you do that. What this is about is matching the vibration of what you want by translating your inner desires into your outer experience. Rather than “law of attraction” waiting (that is at play, but I’ve always been an active waiter), my advice speaks to The Striver who wants to live that “more” sooner rather than later.

The Secret to Attracting More

It boils down to this: If you want something better than what you have, you need to treat what you do have like it’s what you want. I’m talking about stewardship here. This is a blend of subconscious Jedi mind tricks (for my Science Strivers) and the metaphysical (for my Spiritual Strivers).

“It’s time to love this disappointing life into submission.”

When you treat what you do have like you love it, it matters and it is important to you, your subconscious mind kicks in and recognized that this has value. When you treat your belongings, your relationships, and even your dreams and goals like they are already the achievement of your greatest desire, you consciously and subconsciously begin to make better and better choices. This will ultimately lead to the things, relationships and goals you have in your heart. Your mind does not like a disconnect; it will always reflect on the outside what your inner feelings truly are. That’s where micro expressions come from. No matter what you want to reflect on the outside, your true inner feelings are expressed first.

From a spiritual standpoint, there are many universal laws and teachings at play. You may be familiar with concepts like you reap what you sow, karma or Jesus’ parable of talents. (In summary, those who cultivated what they were given received back all that and more, while those who did little or nothing with it got little or nothing in return). When we mistreat, disregard or show a lack of gratitude for the things we have been given, we are telling God, the universe, our higher selves, etc., that we are not ready for more. If we are not ready, those bigger blessings will be withheld. If we do happen to get something better, the results will be fleeting. We will soon find ourselves right back where we were before, or worse. Ask so many lottery winners.

The One Thing You Always Bring

This is because whatever you step into, whether that’s a new car, a new house, a new job or a new relationship, you bring yourself into it. If the self you currently have acts like what you have now doesn’t matter, then that is exactly how you will treat your new experiences.

“I’ve got it pretty good, but I’m going to treat this day like garbage because I don’t have what Suzie has.”

Do you ever have thoughts like this? “Oh, if I got those nicer clothes I’d take care of them properly instead of how I treat my clothes now.”Or maybe, “If I got that nice new car I’d keep that one clean and maintained even though I treat my current one like crap.” Or even “Man, if I got that promotion I’d actually work hard.” If so, think again. It will not happen. Don’t deceive yourself. However you treat what you’ve got now is how you’re going to treat what you get next.

The key to bringing better into your life is to love, value, and appreciate what you’ve got right now. If you don’t do that, any improvements you see will not last. Once you learn to love, value and appreciate, you will become someone new, little by little. And that version of you WILL treat those new things, whatever they are, the way you envision in your mind. Only then will the world open up to you. This new version of you is ready, subconsciously and metaphysically, for more, better and greater.

What If I Want…

“On second thought, I’m going to treat my house and my car like it looks like this.”

If you want to upgrade your living arrangements, love your home. Keep it in good repair, clean it and be thankful for the protection it gives and purpose it serves. If you know what your dream home looks like, do your best to emulate it in the home you have now. You will move into the vibration of that new home and consciously and subconsciously make choices that bring you closer and closer to having it. My husband’s boss told him many years ago that as soon as you have your house fixed up just the way you want it, you’ll buy a new house and move. This is exactly why that is true.

If you want a better relationship, put loving effort into the ones you have. Whether they are romantic or platonic, good relationships are vital to having a joy-filled, successful life. Listen to your heart and you will know if any particular relationship needs to end or if it can be saved. In any relationship that is experiencing problems, don’t fall victim to blaming the other party. The only person you can control is you. You must make the choice to continue to invest time in the relationship or not. Do your part to create a healthy, happy experience with the other person instead of trying to change them. Engage heavily in the relationships that do work to reinforce that positive vibe. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too – believe it or not, you are in a relationship with yourself!

“It’s making sense now. Treating the job I have like the job I want is how I get the job I want.”

Is a better job or promotion what you want? Do the job you have with all the dedication and enthusiasm you can muster. Put a sincere smile on your face if you’re asking them if they want fries with that. Try to be more understanding with the difficult client – you never know what’s going on in their world. Go the extra mile. Connect with people. If you’re not satisfied with the work, this is the only way to achieve something more. Trying to improve the outside before improving the inside is like trying to get a job as a doctor before you complete medical school. You must become the person with the better job before it can be yours.

Use these examples to formulate your plan on how to love, appreciate and take care of the things or situations in your life that you want to improve. Don’t be afraid to put this to the test. You will achieve exactly the results for which you put in the faith and effort.


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