About Everyday First Class

Everyday First Class is a personal development company devoted to making your life truly exceptional on the inside and the outside. Our image of the First Class person is one who both commands respect and offers compassion, who does not just survive but thrives on any income level or living situation, and is dedicated to continual improvement of both their highest inner self and the quality of the people and things they choose to surround themselves with. It is our goal to provide you with the tools, tips and advice you can use to make each and every day First Class, starting right now!

About J. Belle Ortega

Hi, I’m Joanna (please call me J!) and I’m the force behind Everyday First Class. I started EFC because I wanted to challenge myself to be the best me I can be, and to raise up other people with me.

Why Everyday First Class? Everyday because creating your ideal life isn’t something you do on the weekends or during vacation. It’s a day to day decision and a gradual but enjoyable process! First because you should never demote yourself to second rate and Class because being classy never goes out of style.

I was born and raised in rural Iowa on a dairy farm. After my father died, I was married at age 18 to an abusive bipolar alcoholic. Divorced and all but homeless at age 20, I was living on the generosity of strangers. Blessed to have had the right people come into my life, I worked steadfastly to improve my position, using every available resource. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but my persistence has paid off and I am so very grateful to say the life I have now is firmly on the path of my greatest good and for the benefit of those around me. I cannot wait to help you along your path and hopefully give you some shortcuts that will help you skip some of the more time consuming or painful steps that I went through!

Please join me on this journey…we will both be better for it!

Stay Classy,

J. Belle Ortega